Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dil To Bhatkay Ga

Drama: Dil To Bhatkay Ga
Channel: Geo Special Projects
Director: Haseeb Hasan
Producer: Saleem Memon
Written By: Asghar Nadeem Syed
Year: 2012

Sohail Asghar
Shamoon Bin Zubair
Asad Malik
Aijjaz Aslam
Rashid Farooqui
Aeiman Tariq
Mohib Mirza
Mehwish Hayyat
Natasha Ali
Saba Faisal
Parveen Akbar

Serial Dil To Bhatkay Ga that follows the journey of a woman that is driven to extremes by her sense of loneliness and Women Married to a feudal lord, Yasmin is nonetheless left alone and feeling unwanted when he turns to a courtesan for fulfillment rather than his wife. While Yasmin’s first marriage ends in big tragedy and Yasmin’s second one is all but a compromise which leaves her with only one choice and the choice are overstep her boundaries in a bid to feel ALIVE again. The question is will she be able to face the drastic consequences of the step she took in a moment of weakness?

Title Song: Dil tou bhatkay ga


credit: pakrama


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